About Me

Growing up as a child, the thought of traveling the world or exploring different places was always so fascinating to me. I used to dream of seeing the world. I’m the youngest of four children, so for my mother it was almost impossible to take four small children on a vacation, but that never took my excitement about traveling away from me. When I turned 16 I asked my brother (who had already been out the country multiple times) if we could go on a trip. I was young, and able to pay for my trip myself, but I didn’t have many friends or family that could at that time. My brother said yes, and instantly I start looking up my first vacation. I went and got my passport. I was so excited it was really happening. The day came and we where in Cancun, Mexico. I was 16, it was my first time on a plane, I had my passport (you couldn’t tell me nothing lol) We had a blast ! Music, food, games, the beach, the clubs, the people Literally everything was perfect. We even got to swim with dolphins. It was the most amazing experience ever !! After that trip I couldn’t wait to do more and more. I start planning trips left and right for my family, friends and I. People used to always ask me how did I book? Where did I find this hotel from ? Etc that was the start of me knowing that helping people travel was what I wanted to do. I truly take passion into my business and I go above and beyond to make sure every client is 100% satisfied.

Today, I am the owner of a successful travel agency called “Dream Travel Vacations” I chose this name because all the trips that go on, or going to have always been a dream of mine. The name means a lot to me because I wanted to help clients travel to places that only seemed like a dream. I like to turn dreams into reality for not only myself but my clients. Not only do I plan trips for my clients, but I also help people to start a journey of traveling and earning income while doing it. So contact me today about getting started on your own travel agency. I’m so excited to be here today, and I can’t wait to plan that dream vacation for you.